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Back At It

Looking for moose…

While sending out an email today, I noticed the link to my much neglected blog staring back at me under my signature line. So I decided to stop by and reminisce.

I really enjoyed writing the posts here and decided it was time to get back at it.

Much has changed in [...]


Summer continues to burn its way through July, and with it images catch my attention.

Images synonymous with the season.

I doubt what I see is really seen by others. Appreciated by others the way I do. But I’ve grown [...]


There is a constant battle waging on the home front when summer reaches its zenith. Major disagreeing takes place, and for some reason, I always lose.

It is the battle of whether the air conditioner should be turned on or not.

I must preface this with some background information. I did not grow up with central air. [...]


Everyone works with people. Happens every day. The old nose to the grindstone kind of thing. But for some reason, I think my situation is just a bit different. I work with three people for 8 to 10 weeks straight, give or take a couple days, in the months of June and July and that’s [...]

Too Involved

Must preface this with the following – I have the best swim parents. I truly do, plain and simple. Not only do they support the coaching staff, but they work tirelessly making sure their kids and all the other kids on the team have fun.

With that said, I was taken aback today when one [...]

Garden Grief

What a mess, and I’m, in part, to blame. I came into the house fully intending to eat dinner, but the grilled chicken my youngest son had prepared was just tasteless; like chewing on cardboard. I was hungry before I went outside. Really – was intending to eat, but a quick walk around the yard [...]

Summer Swim

During the summer months of June and July, I coach a summer swim team. We are the only public pool in a league filled with country clubs and swim clubs.

Because of this, our group of kids – 176 and growing, ages 4 to 18 – come from all over the area. We are not defined [...]

Chim chiminey Chim chiminey Chim chim cher-ee

This man showed up on my doorstep today. He was in formal wear – top hat and tails. He came to keep me safe. He came to clean out my chimney.

Jerry Tyson has been a chimney sweep going on 18 years now and he is not afraid of heights. Good thing if you’re a chimney [...]