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Farm Life

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Fall Finale

Fall at the farm has been filled with color.


I love the yellow against the blue sky.


Birthday Dinner

My oldest son turned 25 yesterday. I had him when I was only 10 – jk. I know he is getting older, but I am at 29 and holding. Regardless, he loves to eat; wouldn’t know it by looking at Mr. Lean, but he does. And he loves stuffed, baked pork chops.

I learned how to [...]

First Frost

The first frost of the season decided to take out some of my annuals that were still hanging on. The begonias got bit as did the petunias. I will probably let them try to regain their composure before relegating them to the compost pile. I am always amazed at how some annuals often re-flower and [...]

That Country Life

Thirty-eight years ago, my parents bought a farm in Ohio. A farm that consisted of 65-acres and one old farmhouse. I was 11; my brother was 13 and we were in heaven. He wanted mud; I wanted animals. Coming from the suburbs of paved roads, manicured lawns and upteen shopping malls, the dirt roads, open [...]