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Turkey Obsession

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

And welcome to my addiction. Yes, I love Thanksgiving. Love the food. Love the lack of giving-the-right-gift pressure. Love being with family. Love my vintage turkey collection. Huh?

Yes, I am a collector of all things turkey. Here is just a sampling of what sits around [...]

Red Sky in the Morning

The poem goes…

Red sky in the morning; sailor’s warning.

Red sky at night; sailor’s delight.

So if I wake up to a sky like this

I should expect rain later in the day.

Usually when I see a sky [...]

Fall Clean Up and a Disaster

The weather cooperated yesterday so my sons and I got some fall cleaning done. There is much to do on the farm, and I need the help of two strapping 20-something males to do a great deal of it.

As we waited for the weather to warm-up before we headed outside for outside work, Tim and [...]