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IMG_0378Thirty-eight years ago, my parents bought a farm in Ohio. A farm that consisted of 65-acres and one old farmhouse. I was 11; my brother was 13 and we were in heaven. He wanted mud; I wanted animals. Coming from the suburbs of paved roads, manicured lawns and upteen shopping malls, the dirt roads, open fields and lack of neighbors should have seemed boring and austere. Not for our family. We couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty, get horses, put in a pond, drive tractors, have collie puppies. We did all that and more.

Years have passed, and I’m still here; albeit in a house my ex-husband and I built 28 years ago just on the western border of the farm and that I now share with my two sons. My parents still reside in the original farmhouse. We see each other everyday; chop wood together, plant gardens together, and love being a family together.

I remember talking to a childhood friend that stayed in suburbia when I moved away. She would often field questions of just where our family went when we left so many years ago. Her response, “Sue’s living that country life” and that’s how this blog got its name.

My plans for That Country Life are many. I hope to share the day to day rhythm of the farm.  Plans are in the works to again have animals in our now silent barn; a fantastic structure where our registered Morgan horses once lived.  I want to tell people about our small apple orchard, the pond’s habitat,


how to take care of a raspberry patch. Our farm is host to numerous bluebird houses – I am the county coordinator for the Ohio bluebird society. I raise, tag and release Monarch butterflies.  There is just so much to do and see, and I can’t wait to share.

Please stop back often for updates, new photos, links to my favorite finds, and my must try recipes among other information. Thanks for stopping by!

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