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Turkey Obsession

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


And welcome to my addiction. Yes, I love Thanksgiving. Love the food. Love the lack of giving-the-right-gift pressure. Love being with family. Love my vintage turkey collection. Huh?


Yes, I am a collector of all things turkey. Here is just a sampling of what sits around my house from the first day after Halloween until Thanksgiving Day. Though I collect year round, these few short weeks are the only time my obsession is on display. And I love it!


I meant to take a picture of my Thanksgiving table in all its collectible turkey glory, but then family came, the turkey was done, I was hungry – and well, then the scene was just a mess of sticky plates and happy tummies.


My collection isn’t valuable by any stretch of the imagination, but the items make for great conversation. Like, “What’s with the turkeys?” or “Where do you find these things?” or “The way you decorate is very interesting.”


And that’s okay. I like being interesting. But now that Thanksgiving is done, it’s time for my turkeys to go back into hiding.


And I can start setting up my vintage Christmas collection. Wait until you see my completely tacky flocked plastic Santa figuresĀ  from the 1960s. They make a statement, yes they do.

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day, and remembered to give thanks for all the wonders life has brought their way. I am truly thankful for my family and friends, and for waking up each morning to another day of opportunities.

3 comments to Turkey Obsession

  • Cliff

    Hey! Nice collection! It was nice to read and see this. It sounds like it was, but I hope your Turkey Day went really well! My favorite holiday is Christmas, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you put up for that! I’ll be back for the holiday, hopefully I’ll get to see you and Chris and Tim.

  • Sheila

    Love the Turkeys… who knew??? Now your comment make sense to me. I wonder how you knew so much about this foul species. And why you knew about Jim’s bird! *smile*
    Love the blog… keep it going.

  • Paula

    I love turkeys too! My favorite time is fall. I have a collection of about 100 turkeys. Do you know where else you can find unusual turkey items?

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