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Chim chiminey Chim chiminey Chim chim cher-ee

This man showed up on my doorstep today. He was in formal wear – top hat and tails. He came to keep me safe. He came to clean out my chimney.


Jerry Tyson has been a chimney sweep going on 18 years now and he is not afraid of heights. Good thing if you’re a chimney sweep!

My chimney had not been cleaned out for probably as long as Jerry has been cleaning them, so I was happy, and surprised to find out it wasn’t too dirty. He still had to climb on the roof and use that brush on his back. Then he and his helper used an industrial sized vacuum to suck out the soot from the wood burner and the catch bin in the basement.

I guess that catch bin was pretty yucky. Jerry described it as being filled with bird sculls and bones. Dumb grackles! One always gets stuck in the wood burner every spring – what is it looking for anyway -  and I always move the furniture away from the stove, open the windows, and holding a broom – open the wood burner door hoping the grackle will go for the light and outside. Usually it does. I guess some grackles never made it into the stove for release. Sorry for that.

But now my chimney is spanking clean, thanks to this man,


whose job I would never do because I could never stand on top of a chimney. I did remember the Mary Poppins song and made sure to shake his hand. Good luck for me, I’ll say!

Want your chimney swept? Visit Jerry’s site The Chimney Man at www.thechimneymanohio.com

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