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First Frost

The first frost of the season decided to take out some of my annuals that were still hanging on. The begonias got bit as did the petunias. I will probably let them try to regain their composure before relegating them to the compost pile. I am always amazed at how some annuals often re-flower and produce some of their best blooms after a first frost. But only if we get a really nice, long, warm Indian summer.

However, it is time to cut back and deadhead the perennials. I always tend to hold back on cleaning up my garden space. I hate to do it too early as the birds – the black-capped chickadees, the tutfted titmouse and finches love to eat the seed heads of the purple cone flowers and black-eyed susans.

I find the sunflowers heads are usually the first eaten with the birds vying for the plumpest seed against the colony of chipmunks that have burrows in the rocks lining our driveway. I love that these seed-eaters are so thorough. I also love to see where these flowers will pop-up next spring. My birds and chipmunks are great at dispensing flower seeds all over the property!

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