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Summer continues to burn its way through July, and with it images catch my attention.

Images synonymous with the season.

I doubt what I see is really seen by others. Appreciated by others the way I do. But I’ve grown up here on these wooded acres, near fields of long grasses, by the glistening waters of the farm’s pond.

My 11 year old niece, Tess, enjoying the pond

These are my realities. Their re-occurrences dictate my internal clock. My balance comes from these simple scenes.

I can tell the date on the calendar based on the phoebes nesting habits. They always choose as their foundation the light fixture in the stall where my Morgan horse; my childhood friend, lived for 17 of his 26 years.

Rainbows seem to spring from the woods, backlit by the gray skies that produced them.

Looking out back towards the bike trail

Field corn grows to great heights making my road an alley bordered by walls of green.

The end of my lane at dusk

Our black cat, CiCi, seeks out her favorite place – the windowsill by my computer, hoping for any kind of breeze to make her nap a bit more pleasant.


The coyotes lounge at the crest of the back field’s hill and begin their eerie nighttime howling during this heat-induced month.

The Shasta and Gloriosa daisies create seas of color in the gardens.

In the herb garden

Outside my kitchen window

Me? I smile, breathe a sigh of relief and take it all in knowing my place is here.

I am sure those who lived on this land before me knew this joy.

I know those who live here one day will revel in it as well.

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