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While sending out an email today, I noticed the link to my much neglected blog staring back at me under my signature line. So I decided to stop by and reminisce.

I really enjoyed writing the posts here and decided it was time to get back at it.

Much has changed in my life since that last July 2010 post. I am married. I’ve done several triathlons, run a couple 5Ks, been to Nova Scotia and gone white water rafting. Such great blogging fodder.

I now raise bees, have stood a few yards away from a moose, experienced a son moving out on his own; and am watching as another fulfills his desire to be part of the medical community. Again, all worthy of noting.

While I can’t possibly try to define all that has happened these past two years, I can begin again to record the wonderful momentous occasions of my country life; as well as those whose value only I will recognize.

I can’t wait.

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