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The Pioneer Woman Cooks Delivered to my Doorstep

I pre-ordered The Pioneer Woman Cooks from Barnes and Noble. I never pre-order any book. I love rummaging through bookstores way too much. Like I love hot, buttered, salty popcorn.

But I had to have this book ASAP. I discovered www.thepioneerwoman.com about a month ago and I am addicted to Ree Drummond’s way with words, her story,  kids, photography, cooking. She calls her self a “ding-a-ling” and her kids “punks.” What’s not to love?

Now, back to my dilema. Why shop on-line? The closest decent bookstore is a half hour drive from the farm and I was guaranteed The Pioneer Woman Cooks would be delivered into my greedy, eager hands near the book’s release date. It came the day after the book was released on October 27th.  Thank you Barnes and Noble.

So excited at having this much anticipated book in-hand, I emailed Ree herself and sent her pictures of my actually opening my B&N package containing her book. Yes, I am wacked.

Here is what I sent her. Follow along with Ree…


The package fresh from Mr. UPS.



The tear strip was a piece of cake. Made me feel very strong.  My book was just one hearty rip away.



See, I am very strong. Humor me, please.



I’m almost there.



Why do packages come  smoothered in “I could care less” promo material?



The back of the book looks interesting, but I must see the front.



Gorgeous. So well done. My fingers are twitchin’ to start flippin’ pages.

So happy to have it in hand.  Toodles as I take a few hours for myself and enjoy visiting with Ree.

3 comments to The Pioneer Woman Cooks Delivered to my Doorstep

  • Sheila

    Umm… where’s the photo of Mr. UPS. Guys in uniforms….mmmmmmm….*smile*

  • Susan

    I’m with Sheila… what can Brown do for you? :)
    But I’m anxious to hear the cookbook adventures. Trying out her rosemary acorn squash wedges tonight (sans rosemary, unless you count dried rosemary… not quite the same).

  • Phyllis

    Hi Sue,
    Just found your site. I too love “The Pioneer Woman” blog.

    She has tons of great recipes on it. Some of the yummy ones I’ve made include ‘Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts & Tomatoes’, ‘Chicken Parmigiana’(this was especially good),
    and last night, ‘Jaden’s Chinese Beef Broccoli’ with Ree’s recipe for ‘Simple Sesame Noodles’.

    I’m definitely putting her cookbook on my Christmas list.

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